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1800 HP 200+ MPH For Dynocom has introduced the world’s first affordable, truly compact, high performance and advanced bolt-on dynamometer system with integrated load utilizing advanced, high performing, revolutionary designed power absorption units (PAUs) incorporated within the dynamometer enclosure. This design allows for the first compact load-capable portable dynamometer by eliminating the need for expensive and invasive water-brake absorption units which may be a source of failure.

TORQUE: Max Braking Torque Per Pod - 1368 ft lbs 
INERTIA: 4.9 kg m2 
Max Current Per Pod – 19 Amps Rated Voltage (DC) – 192 VDC Input Power – 240 VAC¹ Estimated Inertia Per Pod – 4.9 kg m2 Max Braking Torque Per Pod - 1368 ft lbs Nominal Braking Torque Per Pod² – 1200 ft lbs Maximum Axle Weight Per Pod – 1300 lbs

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